Feather flags are the best option for dynamic outdoor advertisement!

Xarisma BladeAlso known as bow flags, feather banners, wind wavers, flutter flags, swoopers, and bowheads (among others), these are some of the most attention-grabbing displays on the market. They are hand-sewn with double-needle lock stitching and reinforced pole sleeves for maximum lifespan.

Our premium advertising flags have four basic designs – blade flag, teardrop flag, premium 90 (or rectangular flag) and shepherd’s hook flag. These flags are designed specifically for our premium poles, made of a fiberglass/graphite composite. Additionally, the flag and pole are designed to maintain the flag shape allow for visibility of your print/message even in windless conditions. Our ground spikes, spider bases and mounts make these flags a perfect solution for locations that require easy setup and take down.

Our traditional feather banner and flutter or attention flags offer a range of sizes and shapes, and design options including solid colors, stripes, panels, messages and full custom flags. These flags are designed to go on our fiberglass telescoping poles, and are best used in semi-permanent installations. In addition to the standard pole sleeve, these attention flags can be finished with canvas header and grommets to be flown on a traditional flag pole.

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