Looking for a creative advertising tool that’s also functional? Our Display Cubes & Cylinders are the solution!


Custom Display Cube

The Display Cube helps your messages stand out. This 3D advertising display has a core of high-density foam, making display blocks light enough to stack but dense enough to sit on as well. The foam block is covered with a custom print that slips on like a pillowcase for easy assembly and is finished with hook-and-loop adhesive for a seamless look. We offer our Display Cubes in 3 sizes. As versatile 3D displays, Display Cubes can provide endless indoor advertising opportunities. Create a wall or backdrop advertisement for a special discount at any store by placing multiple Display Cubes together like a puzzle. You can also print different images on all sides to make an eye-catching advertising centerpiece for an event or create attractive seating or end tables for a showroom.

Sizes: 1’x1’x1′ | 1.3’x1.3’x1.3′ | 1.6’x1.6’x1.6′




Custom Display Cylinder

Our Custom Display Cylinder is a three-dimensional advertising tool that is constructed of a thick, compact foam core. This display is light enough for stacking yet dense enough for seating. It measures approximately 2’ in diameter and stands at about 2’ tall, making it the perfect seating height for the average person. The custom fabric print slips onto the foam core like a pillowcase and is finished with zippers for a seamless appearance and easy print changes. You can set up this display in a matter of seconds with no tools required. Because of its lightweight construction, this 3D display can be transported effortlessly. Use the versatile Display Cylinder indoors to create a seating area in an office lobby or an advertising column at a trade show.