3D logo designs are a variation of simple two dimensional logos. These three dimensional logos are more dynamic and eye-catching in nature. Video presentations, TV commercials, web animations, mobile phones, etc are where these 3D logos shine brightest. We can take your current logo and turn it into a 3D logo, or start from the ground up. At StarStudded Productions, our logo design services have helped businesses achieve a strong brand identity and standout from their competitors.

Show your brand in the best possible light!

Mix On Wheels 3D Logo

Tempus Luminati 3D Logo Before and After

Mix On Wheels 3D Logo before and after


  • 2 Concepts
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions


  • 4 Concepts
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions


  • 6 Concepts
  • 4 Rounds of Revisions


  • Custom Concept Amounts
  • Custom Revision Amounts

Bravo Dance Competition 3D Logo Design Animation

Looking for a 3D Animated logo?
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Required if creating a 3D Logo or 3D Logo Animation from an EXISTING logo.

We need to have a high quality version of your logo (vector file that is layered) in order to have a high quality end result. If not it will put limitation on designing a 3D Logo or creating a 3D Logo Animation. Below is a little more information on what this means.


We need to have a layered vector file. These are usually the original design files. One of the following formats usually works best:    .ai     .eps     .pdf     .psd (sometimes)

The key difference between a vector and rasterized file is the vector file will look good at ANY size. If a file was created from vectors (type, illustrations, etc) then it should be provided in a vector format. If a piece of text is saved as a jpeg the vector information in rasterized, or made into a bitmap image during the saving process. If text was rasterized we will need to know what fonts were used. Text in vector files should be converted to outlines.

Vector vs Raster

Vector vs Raster Text Example